Car Repairs in New Hartford

Located just minutes from New Hartford, JJ Automotive provides the services needed to get you back on the road and driving safely.  If you are looking for auto repair services in New Hartford, NY then consider driving the extra few miles to Sauquoit and let Jason and his staff take care of your car repair needs.

JJ Automotive Services offers the following:

  • Brake Repair and Alignments –The type of brake repair your vehicle requires will vary depending on the problem, but there are a few routine brake repairs that are a part of regular maintenance and upkeep.
    • Brake Pad Replacement. One of the basic and least expensive brake repairs, replacing a vehicle’s brake pads can be accomplished easily.
    • Brake Rotor Replacement. When your car staggers or fluctuates when you drive at highway speeds, it’s the time to change brake rotors. This perception indicates that your brake rotors are deformed or tattered. Over time, the strain of the brake calipers compelling into the brake rotors can lead to heat spots and grooves which damage brake rotors.
  • Oil Change
    •  Changing oil on your engine is the best way to assure the maintenance of your vehicle.
  • NYS Inspections
    • Get your car inspected early and keep it on the road.  J&J automotive works with you to ensure you get the best possible service as fast as possible.
  • Truck Repairs
    • Have a landscaping business? J&J Automotive works with many businesses to provide fast and efficient repairs to your company vehicles.
  • Full Mechanic Services
    • Is something wrong with your car? The staff and J&J automotive will work to troubleshoot and solve your minor problems before they become major fixes.  If you suspect something is wrong bring your vehicle in and we will take a look.  We are known for our quality trustworthy services and will only fix what you need us to fix.







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